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Delivering happiness to your door

Soon you can enjoy the ultimate life hack for Geneva. You can now have groceries, pharmacy order, flowers delivered to your door in one hour. As simple as that! Fresh and right at your door, you will receive not only what you want but also

Cut yourself some slack! It’s OK if you forget something once in a while. It’s just fine if you don’t want to leave your friends in the middle of a dinner party just to get some ice. You are not alone if it is your baby’s last diaper at 11pm at night.

We will be here to deliver to your doorstep. So be sure to leave your e-mail address here to get a heads-up for the first day of our service.


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Easy! You will pass us your order through our website or your phone. We will do the shopping for you. You will see your delivery guru at all times. Be ready to receive your order under one hour. You don’t even need cash, just register once with your credit card and all is taken care of.

See you soon.

  • Easy ordering
  • 24/7 On-demand
  • Extremely quick
  • Online payment
  • Ecologic and local


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